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Sustaining Members
ILABA is committed to improving the presence of Behavior Analysis in the state of Illinois, but we can’t do it without your support! Through financial contributions, individuals and agencies can support ILABA’s mission and current efforts, including pursuing licensure, educating fellow and related providers, advocacy, and outreach. (Please note that financial contributions to ILABA are not tax deductible.)

All sustaining membership and agency contributions are values-based. Below are recommended contributions for sustaining members and agencies. Determine your contribution based on the value you find in the work we do. Below are suggested minimum contributions based on your current membership type.
- Student/technician: $50
- Full or Affiliate: $100

Sustaining agencies can determine contributions based the number of individuals the agency employs.
- 1-10: $100
- 11-18: $200
- 19-25: $300
- 26-50: $500